why Akelius


Working for Akelius, you will get benefits that are in the top quarter within the real estate industry.
This includes pension schemes, health care, sports, and education.

In all countries you get

  • offices in central locations with a high-quality working environment
  • paid public holidays
  • 36 months unpaid parental leave
  • fruit and refreshments in the office
  • compassionate leave
  • health and keep-fit allowance
  • Biennial every second year
  • internal industry specific education
  • paid time off, special holidays
  • time off for helping immediate family in case of accident or illness
  • internal recruitment policy
country specific benefits
United Kingdom

you will work for an honorable company

Akelius’ staff turnover is low.
Sick leave is low, two percent.

We promote a healthy work environment,
where respect and fairness are paramount.

A key feature that I have always respected within Akelius is that the best idea wins.
No matter who comes up with it,
This drives the company and emboldens everyone to present their ideas.

Ralf Spann, CEO

open-door policy and flat hierarchies

Akelius has an open-door policy.
Anyone may approach anyone.

No symbols of prestige or status.

internal recruitment policy

You can develop quickly and make a career within Akelius.

Akelius’ policy is to promote in-place staff to higher positions.

As soon as there is a vacancy, Akelius seeks to find a candidate among in-place staff before seeking externally.

During my years with Akelius I have hired 150 employees.
I have learned that attitude and ambition beat CV.
That it is better to focus on a person's attitude and ambition and less on CV.

At Akelius we look to promote internally before we look elsewhere,
eighty percent of Akelius’ top thirty leaders have been recruited internally.

Ralf Spann, CEO

Leanna Wilding

Service Center Manager

Kristel Eismann

Head of Sustainability

Shelly Lee

Head of Canada

Julio Viana

Head of Montreal


Akelius is a world-leader in the real estate industry at educating staff.

All staff receive internally developed training relevant to their roles.

New staff attend the Welcome to Akelius program,
online training and an in-person seminar focused on Akelius’ history, culture, values, policies, and business idea.

Akelius’ internal experts produce and deliver all training.
The education focuses on 

  • processes, to ensure efficiency and best practice
  • practical training, for correct and efficient use of systems and applications
  • soft skills, such as leadership and media training
  • sustainability topics to incorporate sustainability in all aspect of the business

Akelius benefits greatly from having internally developed education,
focusing on the need of the staff and the company.

We put a lot of effort into educating our staff and I know that every time my staff attend an internal course, I know they will return better educated.

Ralf Spann, CEO

offices in good locations

Akelius owns its own office buildings in most cities.
Akelius strives to give its clients a better living,
and its staff a better office.

A high-quality work environment includes spacious offices, fast internet, comfortable furniture, central locations, and art.

international career opportunities

Akelius has operations in seven metropolitan cities, 
New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Toronto, Montreal London and Paris.

You will work for a company that welcomes and promotes international careers.

an Englishman in New York

the Biennial

Every second year Akelius has its companywide event - the Biennial,
an opportunity for all employees in Akelius to get together.

The purpose of the Biennial has been the same from the very beginning;
to gather all staff together, get to know one another better and learn from each other.

The Biennial is a mix of education, networking, cultural events, and sports activities.

exploring Europe together

The first Biennial was held in Riga, the capital of Latvia.
Subsequent Biennials have been spread throughout Europe.

The 2019 Biennial was the longest and most geographically spread out one.
One thousand participants went on a Baltic cruise starting and ending in Stockholm.

The cruise visited

  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Mariehamn, Åland

a great opportunity to build the organization

One voice about the Biennial is Sandra Blomqvist, responsible for education and communication at Akelius.

Sandra attended the Biennials in Berlin 2008, Haparanda 2011, London 2013, Potsdam 2015, and Stockholm 2019.

  • The Biennial provides great professional training and gives us the opportunity to meet with colleagues from all over the world.

- It was very enriching to meet and discuss on a personal level with people that I have only exchanged emails with,
says Sandra. 

As with many who attended, Sandra’s agenda was busy.
Giving presentations and receiving training, but also sightseeing and activities with colleagues.

Not to mention the final dinner in Stockholm’s City Hall, in the same venue and style as the Nobel Prize banquet.  

- One of the most impressive part of the Biennial was the gala banquet in the City Hall. 
The venue was amazing, the entertainment was perfect and the food delicious.
It was a perfect evening, says Sandra.

the Biennial through the years


charity work

Akelius’ main owner is the Akelius Foundation,
the main purpose of which is charity.

Akelius Foundation has donated EUR 100 million to SOS Children’s Villages, Doctors without Borders, UNICEF.

The work done by the Akelius Foundation is something to be proud of,
and I believe the majority of our staff are proud to contribute.

Ralf Spann, CEO


Akelius invests heavily in the digitalization of its operations.
Probably more than any other real estate company.

The Technology Department’s main duty is to develop Akelius’ own applications in a close cooperation with the operations.

Read more about Akelius Technology Department here